paul rand film link

was great to have met him when i did my undergrad @ art center back in the early 90’s.
still remember how he did not like the computer as a tool… hated the thought of ‘designing’ on the computer from start.
i loved how his fave work space was his kitchen table. materials were scissors/ xacto, colored paper & rubber cement.
also, loved how he confessed he wished he could revisit the UPS logo because he used a different font for the “S!”
gotta’ love that passion! he was sick b/c the client would not let him change it…
click on this to see film:
:cheers:  to Mr. Rand
Rich Dahl writes, directs & has a bad habit for kerning sick typography late into the night.

porsche viral still up on the web… some posts missing though

was just checkin’ to see if my old porsche viral was still getting views from a few years ago.

1,819,07 views on
Hot Chick Flashes Porsche – Watch more Funny Videos

now missing from youtube, meta cafe & toxic junction or re-posted; where do original posts go?

meta had over 1m views, toxic over 1.4 & youtube more…

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o.k. so, photographer Simon Harsent has a new site up & IT’S FLASH?

love Simon Harsent’s photogs since i met him through a fellow “very talented” CD (David Nobay) @ Bozell/Lowe NY back in the day (now Droga5 ECD in AU).

check Mr. Harsent’s photography out ( & click @ the bottom left to see his glacier book, MELT):

just wish i could view this on my phone or iPad…

if you’d like to see more of Simon’s work, google him under images… AHHHmazing! wish i still had that beer campaign to shoot. shoot! btw: i heard one has a 90% chance of ending up in Archive magazine IF you shoot w/ Simon. hehe heh…

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p-love is coming: i’m directing and shooting

are you a lover of porsches? are you a bit nuts about ’em too? let me know & i’ll be there to capture you & your car on film…

poster w/ chris’ mint condition 356 cabriolet

lorenzo’s red 993 c2s & addison’s 993 tt head up a mt. ridge road funrun

ooooooooh malibu!!!!

YES… several years shooting various porsche-nuts & lovers throughout california & soon the rest of the u.s.a. keep you all posted. will post a movie trailer soon…

here’s an earlier clip of PCA member (shot w/ my hvx200):

-Rich Dahl writes & creative directs

work in progress… little jobs all over the place

one of the many comps (for a letterhead & i.d. system) i’ve done for a financial client in l.a. i’m trying to give an “ansel adams” feel to a often cold or stuffy category. was interesting b/c this lil’ gig reminds me a bit of (old client) bank of america & the “grow” tag-line i wrote for them…

they should have stuck with it. grow was a great word for a bank to own. grow families, finances, education, business, etc.

grow was a good mantra inside the bank as well…

note: will post pic of the finished job printed after job goes to press. using The Ligature to print…. expensive, but worth it. after all: a designer is only as good as their printer. SO TRUE!

Rich Dahl writes & creative directs

new snOball creative showreel…

just uploaded a snOball montage for a few new biz people to see.

been busy with rewrites on a 4th screenplay. as ol’ michael crichton said: ” to write, is to rewrite” i’m sure a few others have said the same.

so, here’s the new reel. hope you dig. former clients range from pepsi to bank of america.

snOball creative showreel from snOball biz on Vimeo.

Rich Dahl writes & creative directs

Q: how fast can an elephant can turn around in a hallway? is small the new big?

A: not very fast; not at all…

big advertising agencies & the opportunities for the small, the lean & mean…

(more on this topic @ a later date)

mull this thought over: a small branding /design firm with a few senior talents could quite possibly out perform a big, huge advertising agency at serving a healthy sized client.  ;-)b no overhead, no “silos” of different departments in-fighting for control of projects, etc.

small indy agencies will be the future of advertising… even for large billing clients.

Dick Sittig w/ Secret Weapon Marketing who services Jack n’ the Box
Mark Waites of MOTHER (now w/ an office opening in L.A.)

to the small guys, think: